Now more
than ever

Now more
than ever

When workplaces rely on you, you can rely on the SHRM Executive Network.

It’s time to focus on results not rhetoric for the future of work.

It’s time to focus on results not rhetoric for the future of work.

Female executive in red top.
Female executive in red top.

Now more
than ever

Now more
than ever




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HR Executives

Lead The Way To A Better Day For HR and Business.

It’s never been more difficult for HR executives to see around corners, to understand and anticipate the next change that will challenge the world of work. And there’s never been a greater need for the SHRM Executive Network. As a member of the preeminent network of HR leaders, you will have access to the knowledge and experience of your peers, exclusive research and executive thought leadership that only SHRM can provide, including:

  • Industry-leading research customized for your unique business needs.
  • Peer-to-peer discussions in small, curated groups and private settings.
  • Turnkey data analysis and best-practice briefs to upskill your teams.
  • Access to exclusive SHRM events and executive experiences.

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Executive-Level Information. Exclusively For Executive Network Members.

Stay Informed With The People + Strategy Journal.

This quarterly journal features executive-level articles from leading HR practitioners and academics covering the most essential business news affecting people and strategy.

Tune In To Informative HR Videos And Podcasts.

Listen and learn as eminent human capital management thought leaders discuss current and future strategic business trends, best practices and analysis in the People + Strategy video and podcast series.

Access Expertise.

Learn and network with peers at in-person and virtual events. Exchange ideas via an executives-only, private forum.

Define The Future of HR.

Help to shape SHRM’s advocacy efforts, which impact millions of workers and their families worldwide. Mold the next generation of HR leaders via mentorship opportunities.

Maximize Your Leadership Potential.

Actualized Leadership book cover.

Access a Complimentary E-Book.

Get one of SHRM’s most popular e-books—Actualized Leadership— and discover how to address critical topics like:

  • The myth of self-awareness.
  • Leader and team dynamics.
  • How actualized leaders think.
  • What actualized leaders do.
  • Beyond leadership: humility, happiness, passion and purpose.


Today’s Challenges Require More Capable Leaders.


Nearly 80% of CEOs are concerned about employees’ lack of essential skills and identify the issue as a threat to growth.

7 in 10

During the COVID-19 shutdown, 7 in 10 employers struggled to adapt to remote work.


More than a 1/3 of companies are facing difficulties with company culture.


62% of organizations plan to take specific action to combat racial inequities at work.

More Executive-Level Benefits for Executive Network Members:

Executive Connections

Connect directly to HR and business thought leaders via our members-only online exchange and SHRM Executive Network exclusive events.

Trends and News

Membership in the SHRM Executive Network grants access to a variety of best practices and strategic resources that help you learn about and contribute to the achievement of organizational goals.

People + Strategy Journal

Our highly respected quarterly journal delivers the most current research, theory and practice in the strategic business of human resource management.